I'm on the hunt! - Are you looking for a Machine Learning expert with a successful track record of building and deploying valuable data projects? I'm looking for my first professional opportunity to kick-start my new career after graduating this July. Searching beyond any specific industry, I'm interested in contributing to a team of domain experts challenging what's possible at the cutting-edge of their industry, as part of the Data Science team wrangling the data required to expand that edge. If you have a dedicated team, challenging problems and interesting data, I'm your guy! You can find my resume here and please don't hesitate to contact me at maclean.cole@gmail.com.

Hello World!

I'm Cole MacLean, a Chemical Engineer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After 4 years of working as a Process Engineer for a major Canadian oil and gas company, I decided to challenge my career trajectory to pursue a topic I was truly passionate about: Artificial Intelligence. I am currently a graduate student at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, enrolled in a Master's of Artificial Intelligence. I've set up this blog and corresponding data visualizations to help me gauge my progress and development as I go through this major life transition. I also hope to solidify my understanding of specific topics by sharing and discussing the projects I build and to highlight areas that interest me.

The home page has two data visualizations, representing what I'm working on, what I'm learning and what I'm reading to give an overview of where I'm spending my energy, what topics interest me, and how that is changing over time. The first visualization depicts github commits for the projects I work on with memos that have been tagged with themes that describe the work done in each commit. The second visualization uses the same design as the first to depict tagged themes describing the topics from articles, images and videos across the web that I save to Pocket. The source code for these visualizations can be found here

With an anticipated graduation date of July 2017, I'm excited to see where this next year takes me and am itching to start learning and building cool projects using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I hope others find bits of interest in the projects I build!

-Cole MacLean